Explore some of the makers joining us at Botanica Spirits & Food Festival.
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7k Distillery

7K Distillery is a boutique, independent Tasmanian Distillery crafting award winning gins, spirits, Single Malt Whisky and more since 2017. The 7K vision is to continue to push the boundaries of sustainability, unique flavour and form, to create uniquely spirited experiences that you can’t get anywhere else.

Brogan’s Way Distillery

An award-winning distillery just three kilometres from Melbourne city centre, Brogan’s Way Distillery is a unique space crafted with the same care and attention as the delicious spirits that emerge from the copper still at its heart.

Fossey’s Distillery

Fossey’s is a boutique Distillery based in the heart of Mildura. Where exceptional becomes the standard and the quirkiness becomes the norm! The epitome of the boutique distillery, Fosseys showcases the best of local produce and highest quality of products through the speciality of craft distilling.


Our vision focusses on showcasing the stunning natural landscapes of which Australia is rightly famous for, placing a spotlight on the uniquely Australian botanicals contained within.

Great Ocean Road Gin

Proud to be the first Gin created along the Great Ocean Road. We have sourced local botanicals, many of them handpicked from the expansive indigenous backyard we call home. Our Gins traverse native forests, drive around cliff edges, wade in the rockpools, and hug our ocean shores.

Hold Fast Distillery

Hold Fast Distillery, Braidwood's first licensed distillery, focuses on sourcing the best ingredients regionally, nationally and internationally to handcraft the highest quality of whisky, gin and vodka.

Naught Gin

The epitome of premium yet approachable gins, wicked and classic, cheeky and refined, Naught was created with balance in mind. The distinct and smooth flavours are reflective of the care taken to select and distill the best botanicals in the world.

Nine Circles Distillery

Nine Circles Distillery, located just a stones throw from the beautiful Pambula River on the Far South Coast of NSW. Surrounded by the beauty of pristine beaches, rolling hills and great mountains we are committed to creating beautiful spirits that are traditional with a unique Australian flair.

Noble Bootleggers Distilling Co

Noble Bootleggers Distilling Co is a family owned and operated distillery and regenerative farm based on the outskirts of Bendigo, Victoria. Our ethos: to create exciting and innovative products with big, bold flavours, whilst focusing on traditional distilling methods and quality ingredients.

Organic Bay Distillery

Organic Bay Distillery create small batch, flavour infused, certified organic gins; that are uniquely smooth, crisp and refreshing.

White Oat Distillery

Our drinks are more than just about gin. They’re about the entire experience - where it’s from, where you have it, who you have it with, and the memories that are created along the way.

Taylor & Smith Distilling Co

We experiment with Tasmanian botanicals and carefully craft our base spirits to synthesise the Tasmanian landscape and write out the stories of place. The scale of the season is compressed in Tasmania so you get an intensity of flavour in our botanicals.

Studio Cocoa

Studio Cocoa is a Canberra based chocolate studio creating gorgeous and delicious handmade chocolates. All the chocolates are created to the highest standards using ethically and sustainably sourced chocolate from across the world and high quality ingredients sourced locally where possible.

North Of Eden

All our spirits are sustainably created using old-school artisan methods and feature ingredients that we either grow here at the distillery or forage locally.

Imbue Distillery

Imbue Distillery are an independent Melbourne gin distillery of distinction, producing some of the finest craft gins and liqueurs Australia has to offer.


We are the first dedicated craft rum distillery in Victoria. We are on a mission to show you what rum can be with our Australian crafted distinctive and delicious rums.

Essential Vegan

We exist to bring you the finest, ethically sourced chocolate available in the Australian market. Passionately crafted in small batches, all our products are gluten free, vegan, palm oil free with no added artificial flavouring. A healthier and nourishing treat for all individuals, all ages, aligned with a more sustainable planet.

Daylesford Spirit

More than a mere distillery, we at Daylesford Spirit embrace the essence of our namesake town. Drawing inspiration from the uniqueness and charm of Daylesford, our spirits encapsulate the pristine environment, abundant natural ingredients, and rich cultural tapestry.

Metcalf Distilleries

Metcalf Distilleries is an adventurous producer of fine craft gin specialising in flavours foraged from wild Tasmania. Our boutique distillery in the mountains outside of Hobart, produces high quality artisan spirits, including Sloe Gin, Elderflower, Cherry, and Botanical gins.

Travelling While Standing Still Gin

Travelling while standing still takes you on a journey to the wild beauty of the Australian coast where the southern ocean meets the bush. Infused with carefully selected native Australian botanicals of seaspray.

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